Truck Sewer Jetters


7000-T Series Water Jetter

Welcome to the ultimate sewer line cleaning machine. The O’Brien 7000-T series sewer water jetter combines the remarkable versatility of our 7000 series with the go-anywhere convenience of a custom-mounted chassis design in an impressive all-in-one package.

Why the 7000-T Series?

The unbeatable power and capacity of the O’Brien 7000 series trailer-mounted jetter combined with a chassis provides the ultimate sewer line cleaning system. The chassis-mounted 7000-T series provides maximum maneuverability and side tool trays, along with an optional underbody toolbox, for excellent storage space.

7000 Series Truck Sewer Water Jetter

Need a Cylindrical Tank?

Aquatech SJR Sewer Jetter Truck
The Aquatech SJR Sewer Jetter Truck water tanks are 1/4” steel and backed by an industry-leading lifetime warranty.