Why O’Brien?

O'Brien Hydro Jetters

Fierce O’Brien Performance. Fierce O’Brien Loyalty.

Leading professional contractors and municipalities with the most demanding applications recognize the O’Brien difference and overwhelmingly choose O’Brien hydro jetters and other products. Why?

The Power of Experience

At the heart of every O’Brien product is the expertise and knowhow developed over half a century of sewer and sanitary system maintenance. By combining the highest quality pumps, components, engines, and controls with exacting tolerances in manufacturing, O’Brien produces the very best equipment on the market. Each O’Brien hydro jetter unit is built tough to meet the full range of challenges sanitary professionals face.

As sanitary systems grow ever more complex and environmental standards more stringent, only the most innovative and reliable packaged jetting and vacuum equipment will get the job done. At O’Brien, we promote a sustainable environment by providing exclusive technologies that optimize the effectiveness of sanitary networks and wastewater systems.

Better by Design

Our unique modular design concepts and integrated manufactured trailer designs deliver unmatched reliability with minimal maintenance. Managers, operators, and maintenance professionals all trust O’Brien quality, simplicity, and reliability. All O’Brien systems can be customized, providing a wide range of option packages to meet the unique requirements of sanitation professionals. A full range of accessories are also available specifically designed for every application and perfectly matched to our equipment specifications.

  • Each O’Brien product is engineered, manufactured, and quality-tested at one of our world-class manufacturing facilities.
  • Each sale is supported through local authorized dealers who are expert at training, operation, and maintenance of our products.
  • Our experienced staff of engineers, service, and training professionals works hand-in-hand with our dealers to provide personal training, start-up, and aftermarket support.

Why O’Brien? Quite simply, we offer the best products, systems, and support resulting in the most reliable and cost-effective return on your equipment investment.